CH Consultancy is able to offer a wide range of training and developmental workshops for companies.

We often design bespoke in house training for our clients and an example of some of the training workshops we offer include:


This workshop will give you the confidence to deal with the key employment law issues. Covering essential areas such as disciplinary, grievance, poor performance, sickness absence, discrimination and much more.


Getting the right people to work in your company is key to its long term success. This workshop will make sure that no only do you know how to recruit effectively within the law but are also effective at attracting and interviewing the perfect candidates for your company.


Managing poor performers can be drain on your time and energy, often people avoid managing poor performers because it takes too much effort. We can show you how to manage poor performance quickly and effectively through open and honest conversations, simple template forms and no nonsense process driven approach.

The second part of the workshop covers how implement appraisal processes that suit the business rather than off the shelf solutions. By the end of the workshop you will have a framework for effective motivation and development of staff.


Implementing change within a company can be one of the most challenging things a manager can do. You can have a smooth transition or there literally can be mutiny! This workshop will give you the knowledge and skills to effectively, plan, communicate, implement and maintain change.


Getting the best out of your staff is an essential part of managing people. But what’s the difference between leading and managing? And what’s your preferred style? How do your actions and behaviour influence and motivate your team? This course will help you uncover how you, as an individual, can lead authentically and know how this has a positive affect on your team.


If you always walk away from a negotiation feeling like you could have done better or gave too much away then this course is for you. This course is specifically designed for anyone from sales people, managers or anyone who needs to influence people to make decisions.


In a world where we are constantly in demand with emails, texts, notifications, telephone calls etc. managing our time effectively can be the biggest challenge we all face. This course is not your usual time management tool discussion we talk about real life, real challenges and the practicalities of managing your time both at work and at home effectively.


Sometimes you can get so nervous when needing to give a presentation that they feel stressed for days or they simply refuse to do the presentation at all. This course is ideal for people who struggle to complete presentations, we will look more at self-confidence, stance and other aspects of giving a great presentation rather than how to use PowerPoint!


Without good delegation skills you will end up swamped with work, perhaps not completing any one particular task well or maybe missing deadlines. Well this workshop will help you to delegate effectively. Whether you need support handing over the reigns or want to help your staff to take more responsibility.


Health and wellbeing is two fold you need to understand your legal obligation as an employer to maintaining a healthy working environment but also if you understand how promoting a healthy workplace can impact positively on the performance of your people. Everyone knows workplace stress causes performance to drop but how do you manage it effectively and empower your employees to take control.


Most workplaces find that they have difficulties with communication. A message is interpreted slightly differently to the way it was intended, not understood properly or worse ignored because it was deemed insignificant. Using coaching based tools and practice you will learn how to communicate effectively and understand how to communicate well with each other as a team.


Some people seem to manage to solve problems quickly and efficiently, other struggle. This course is ideal for people who will benefit from tools and practical examples of how to solve problems quickly and efficiently.


Conflict in the workplace can be very destructive for teams and can place pressure and stress on those involved. This course not only covers how to handle conflict as a manager but also how to build a team environment where conflicts are resolved amicably and quickly.


Decision making in complex and difficult environments can sometimes be slowed and hindered by a variety of factors. This course helps you discover how to make decisions in pressurised and complex situations. We use tools to evaluate and understand how your react in these situations which can be beneficial or sometimes impede us. We also review how to extract information from others to best inform your decision making.


Organisations and individuals all have different needs therefore, we frequently design bespoke training combining a number of different elements to ensure individual needs are met.  For example time management, delegation and negotiation may all be areas to develop, we will link the academic theory to practical exercises to cover the required outcomes.

For further information on any of these courses, then please contact us on 07708374953 or email

Claire from CH Consultancy provided the payroll clients of BSY&NY with a workshop on Auto Enrolment.  She coordinated with other speakers and together they provided an informative and useful session for all in attendance.  I would recommend Claire for delivering training to organisations as she is organised and ensures the session outcomes are delivered

Norman Whyte

Business Support York & North Yorkshire