Coaching creates empowered, decisive and strong people who lead with authenticity as they have clarity about how their behavior impacts on others. They have clear direction and focus and the determination and motivation to succeed.

Coaching is now a well known tool that can has been efficiently utilised in both business and personal capacities the world over.   The evidence is clear, it works, otherwise organisations would not invest so heavily in coaching their staff.

Benefits can be felt after the first session and if you are not convinced we offer a taster session for free to help you understand what coaching is and how it can work for you.

Every coaching journey which is because every person is individual but there is one constant in coaching, focus on the future and achieving goals. Fast Company Magazine says “all coaches have one thing in common it’s that they are ruthlessly results orientated.”

Coaching on a one to one basis is either face to face or utilises technology such as Skype.

Group coaching can be highly effective in getting teams to work together more cohesively and with better focus on organizational and team goals.

Coaching Statistics

These statistics are credited to the International Coaching Federation with a link to this infographic.

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are satisfied with the overall experience

of companies get at least get back their return on their investment

see improved business performance as a direct link to coaching

of people have improved communication skills

of people have improved self-confidence

I was skeptical about how coaching could help me, things were ok in work and personal life and I was progressing up the career ladder so to speak.

However, coaching has completely stepped things up a gear. It brings about a self awareness that you were previously blind too.

I have realised how my actions impact on how my staff behave and perform. Not only has my own performance improved but in turn my staff have upped their game too.