About CH Consultancy

CH Consultancy’s mission is to dispel the myths surrounding employment law and take the hassle out of managing your people. 

We work with micro, small and medium sized businesses in Yorkshire to utilise leglislation and people management skills effectively.  We are passionate about straight forward, honest leadership and management which leads to strong employee engagement and improved business performance.

Claire Horsfield has a wealth of experience leading, managing and developing people.  She specalised in Human Resources in order to further her knowledge of effective people management.  She has experience within a range of businesses and industries including professional services, engineering, health and social care and many more!  Her credentials include being a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), member of the Assoication for Coaching.  But we don’t expect you to take our word for it, read our client testamonials page for more information.

We have also partnered with a number of different organisation to ensure our clients needs are fully met including Claire working as an Associate with with a local training company allowing us to access a wide range of learning and development support for your business.



In order to offer the best services possible to our clients we have partnered with other organisations who offer our clients relevant people management services.

Businesses who are referred through us often get special packages or discounted rates so feel free to contact our partners directly but ensure you mention CH Consultancy.

 Please note that while we happily recommend these companies as potential service providers for our clients we request that all clients undertake their own due diligence checks before completing any purchase.

Selby College

The college offer a wide range of business services which are relevant to businesses. They cover a wide area in Yorkshire not just the Selby district. We partner with them to refer clients who are interested in:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Accredited training
  • Access to funding for training

HDP Occupational Therapy

Occupational Health Services are no longer solely for the large corporate companies.  All businesses have a duty of care to ensure they provide a safe working environment for their employees.

Pre-employment health checks are ideal for any employees who have a particularly physical or mentally taxing job role.  Similarly, if you employ anyone with a disability under the Equality Act you are required to make reasonable adjustments, but agreeing what is reasonable can sometimes be disputed.  An external Occupational Health Assessment is excellent evidence to show you have considered all options.

WPA Healthcare

Water Resource Manager

Not many companies offer their employees a healthcare scheme as part of their terms and conditions however, there can be many benefits. Firstly, some of the schemes offered by WPA allow employees to claim back for dental and eye care which can be seen as an enhanced benefit.  With services that include fast tracked physiotherapy, access to swift diagnosis, telephone support for mental health issues covering the employers duty of care for managing stress in the workplace.

Your company is also likely to be able to deduct healthcare plans from its tax, check with your accountant, making it a benefit that is cheap and easy to implement. However, the bigger benefit in smaller companies is how quickly people will get treatment and be able to return to work.

WPA is recommended by CH Consultancy as a not for profit provider of private healthcare plans.

of employment issues we help with are resolved informally

of new clients are referred from current clients

of all clients come from word of mouth referrals

of our clients have employment contracts designed by us

of clients are small or medium businesses